Sustainability webinars – purpose and value creation in investment industry – part 4

What can we do as investment professionals to drive change and create value? Includes speakers’ final thoughts

“Investors should sit quietly and think: am I being a good ancestor?” – Rob Lake, Founder – Authentic Investor 

• In this final section of our webinar on “Purpose and value creation in the investment industry”, our panellist share their final thoughts and also address questions such as:
         o How can investment professionals contribute to a more purposeful industry? 
         o What are the traits of a purpose driven investment professional? Is it important to acknowledge personal values or is being a professional about leaving these values at the door?
         o How can leadership build a stronger culture that focuses on a better value proposition for all stakeholders?
• Panellists: 
         o Dr Geoff Kendall – CEO & Co-founder, Future-Fit Foundation
         o Rob Lake – Founder, Authentic Investor
         o Vishal Hindocha – Director, Investment Solutions, MFS International