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A series of papers that explore how the investment opportunity set of institutional investors might evolve in the years and decades to come.

Chinese capital markets cover

Chinese capital markets

The research looks to identify and answer eight key questions around Chinese capital markets.

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Blockchain paper front cover

Securitisation meets blockchain

The research looks at the possibilities with blockchain, and other emerging technologies, for the investment industry.

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Private equity front cover image

Private equity

This research discusses the public equity market, the rise of the intangible economy and the abundance of private capital and the impact of these on investors.

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The Asset Manager of Tomorrow front cover

The asset manager of tomorrow

This follow up the The asset owner of tomorrow, identifies six attributes as critical requirements to asset manager success:
Strong culture
Technology commitment
Technology-savvy leaders
Well-positioned business models
Recognition of comparative advantage
Dealing with change.

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The asset owner of tomorrow front cover

The asset owner of tomorrow

Exploring how being an asset owner today can be mind-bogglingly complex this research shows that life for asset owners in the next 5-10 years will not get any easier. It also outlines practical steps which asset owners should make.

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