Thinking Ahead Institute research and publications into the role of sustainability in the investment industry

A sustainable tomorrow is about as ‘thinking ahead’ as you can get, and we believe a meaningful way to serve the needs of the end saver. Climate change requires us, in the financial system, to consider how we will achieve our return on capital goals in the light of the physical, transition and liability developments waiting for us in the near (and distant) future. Most recently we explored 3D investing, climate beliefs, what a 1.5 degree portfolio look like and net zero action plans. In 2022, our working groups will focus on:
– Environment: What does halving emissions by 2030 mean?
– Society: Inequality, just transition, emerging markets and ethics

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Climate Change

Research to date

Every investment decision we make has an impact on the economy and therefore wider society and the planet. We believe that the framing of investment and fiduciary duty has moved from the simple optimisation of risk and return to include a third dimension of understanding, measuring and communicating impact. Impact on people, planet and portfolios of the future. Building on the Institute’s value-creation research kicked off in 2018, we have worked with our members to dive deeper into the concept of Sustainability from defining purpose, understanding impact and how portfolio construction now needs to be considered. As the catastrophic impact of climate change became clearer we have worked to develop insights to guide investors’ behaviours to become the driving force in transforming the global economy to be compatible with the 1.5 degree climate target while in the same time fulfilling their fiduciary duty. In 2021 our Investing for Tomorrow working group produced a series of research outputs that can usefully guide investors to establish and set a pathway to achieve their climate ambitions by setting out a net-zero action plan.

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Culture and Climate Change


Beliefs to Action

Impact, value creation and purpose

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