Day 3 | The climb to the new view

The climb to the new view - Adaption, innovation and evolution of the investment industry in a Covid-19 new world

All investment organisations and the people that work for them face new challenges in being relevant and resilient. All will need to be able to adapt to an industry where sustainability has become central and purpose has become more resonant.

There are various areas to consider: the changing roles that investment professionals and organisations should expect to play in the future, how sustainability and ESG may be rebalanced with increasing emphasis on social factors, and how climate change has become such a significant factor in sustainability. 

Session 1. Overall impact on the investment industry
With Roger Urwin and Margaret Franklin 

Margaret will share her views on how our industry has handled the Covid-19 crisis so far, what has worked well, what will change, what trends are being accelerated, and what trends are being reversed. She will also discuss what this might mean for leadership, collaboration and trust.

Session 2. How sustainability must confront new realities
With Roger Urwin and Russell Picot

In this interview, Russell and Roger will talk about the rise of the S-factor in ESG and discuss short-term challenges and the long-term impact of the crisis on building stronger sustainability policies. 

Session 3: Spotlight session on climate risk 
With Tim Hodgson and Matt Scott

In this interview, Matt and Tim will discuss the current and likely evolution of policy and regulation around climate risk and how investors may begin to consider and integrate this within their decision making.

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