Day 1 | The climb to the new view

The climb to the new view - Adaption, innovation and evolution of the investment industry in a Covid-19 new world

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” 

In these sessions we grapple with the effect of the pandemic on the future of the investment industry and focus on how individuals and organisations might need to adapt.

Session 1: Re-imagining the future
With Tim Hodgson and Martin Rich 

In this interview, we discuss how corporations and the economic system can become more resilient and lay the foundations for wealth and society to be more fairly distributed. We will also explore the role the investment industry could play in re-shaping the future.


Session 2: Putting the person into the big picture 
With Roger Urwin and Sarah Maynard

In this interview, we discuss how the pandemic has affected the lives of investment industry professionals, both at home and at work. We discuss some of the new challenges that employees and employers face as a result of this crisis. 

The investment industry is people-centred – the quality of its work and the value created correlates with the collective intelligence of its workforce which is influenced by the industry’s success with attracting, retaining and developing talent in a diverse and inclusive mix. How is the industry doing with this?


Session 3: Diversity in the spotlight – are we equipped for a virtual workplace?
With Marisa Hall and Rekha Misra

Diversity and inclusion have been high on the agenda in the investment industry as organisations have strived to make progress to attract and retain the best talent. The pandemic has violently broken old social models of interacting and plunged us into a new, highly digitised world with no clear rule book on how to build successful relationships. 

While the physical technology has been meeting the challenge of more flexible working, we have found social technology struggling to catch up. Will the pandemic hinder our efforts to truly create a more inclusive environment? Or can we develop new ways of bringing our workforce together? 


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