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Podcast and deck: Coronavirus – wider perspectives

Roger Urwin shares his wider perspectives on the coronavirus, and its implications for the investment industry, asset owners and asset managers.

We are all personally experiencing anxiety, vulnerability, isolation and  grief 

But they can be matched by resilience, routine, purpose and positivity along with human connections; and perspective

Communication opportunities are much elevated – more frequent, personal and inspiring communication get us to better places

Our system is vulnerable and calls out a new challenge for sustainability to create a corporate and financial system that is resilient and just.
“There are decades when nothing happens, there are weeks when decades happen.” 

1.  The system and you
2.  Personal resilience
3. Workplace 
4. Culture
5. Leadership 
6. Asset Owner transitions 
7. Asset Manager transitions 
8. Sustainability 

Defining moments top 8
        Source: The Thinking Ahead Institute
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